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Welcome Steph!

Our Newest Team Member

Please join us in welcoming Stephanie Purcell as our new Associate Director!

For the last three years, Steph has been a part-time consultant. So, you may think you don’t know Steph, but you definitely know her work!  In 2020, when Second Chance Foods was growing exponentially, it became clear that our Executive Director needed help; that’s where Steph came in and immediately started contributing! Steph has been responsible for all of our marketing, website, weekly emails, and much more “behind the scenes” work. We truly could not have grown as we have over the last three years without her invaluable insights and contributions!

Steph and Robert preparing a locally sourced hog to smoke for their wedding - extra prepared meat and sides were donated the day after in the spirit and influence of Second Chance Foods

Now that Steph has finished her Master’s in Nonprofit Leadership, she’s ready for full-time work as our Associate Director. Although Steph is based in Nebraska, she’ll be working “alongside” our Executive Director and Board of Directors ensuring the organization is running effectively and smoothly. She has consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of expertise, teamwork, and a genuine passion for protecting the planet, tackling hunger and centering the recipients in our decision making. Her transition to a full-time role solidifies her integral position within Second Chance Foods, and we have no doubt that she will continue to excel.

"Over the years of working with Steph, one of the things I've most appreciated is that Steph really 'get's it,' and lives it. I was so touched to learn that we even influenced her to get the boy scout camp where she lives to start donating excess food." - Martha Elder, Executive Director

More About Steph

When I first learned of Second Chance Foods I was immediately impressed with its ability to tackle two critical issues that impact all of us- Food Waste and Hunger. Second Chance Foods addresses both of these problems and goes further to create thoughtful meals and fresh options that provide variety and create a complete diet while reducing the amount of wasted food – what could be better than that?


I also love that Second Chance Foods puts the recipients at the center of every harvested piece of produce and every meal cooked in the kitchen. The collective passion of the volunteers, board, and staff is unmistakable and carries through to all the work they do. It’s a joy to be a part of.

My bachelor’s degree is in Studio Art, but I switched to nonprofit work about a decade ago when searching for a more fulfilling career. I’ve enjoyed the variety of roles I’ve held over the years including fund development, operations, programming, and serving on a board. I still make art when I’m able and love carving relief prints. 

I live in Nebraska with my husband and two dogs: Stan and Proud Mary who are very…spirited. We live on-site at a scout ranch because my husband, Robert, is the ranger. We’re grateful for everything living outside the city allows us to do like hiking, camping, canoeing, and connecting with the nature around us.


Though the Hudson Valley isn’t my own neighborhood, I feel connected to Second Chance Foods and see it as a part of my community. Since working there its mission has inspired Robert and I to do more to prevent food waste where we can. For example, during summer, the camp (where we live) hosts hundreds of people a day and receives regular deliveries of food which creates a lot of leftovers. So, he found a shelter that would take both the leftover prepared food and any extra fresh items that previously went to waste. We also donated our wedding leftovers and any extra food we can. I don’t think these efforts would have been as obvious or felt as easy without the influence of Second Chance Foods and is a testament to how far its influence reaches. 

My husband would say its parsnips because I try to put them in *everything* but I also love summer tomatoes of every color and size and could probably eat kale every day. 

Printmaking, foraging for mushrooms, baking easy artisan bread, hiking or camping in Wyoming, and I’m always interested in talking about birds. 


"The collective passion of the volunteers, board, and staff is unmistakable and carries through to all the work they do. It’s been a joy to be a part of. I'm so grateful to continue to help Second Chance Foods as it grows and can't wait to see what we achieve together!" - Stephanie

From All of Us at Second Chance Foods, Welcome to the team, Steph!

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