You Can Break the Cycle of Food Waste

Through August 2023, we’ve donated over

205,158 pounds of groceries

& 59,580 meals

5 %

of usable food going into landfills instead of feeding someone in need.

Your Donation puts dinner on the table feeds a child nourishes a family  keeps healthy food out of the trash

You can put healthy, nourishing food on the tables of those in need of food assistance while reducing the destructive impacts of food waste on our planet.

Rescue Food

35% of the food in the United States is wasted. Our volunteers collect usable food from Grocery Stores and Harvest fresh produce from organic farms to feed those in need.

Reduce Hunger

1 in 3 people in the lower Hudson Valley experience food insecurity. We partner with local hunger relief organizations to distribute the food we collect and cook. 

Elevate Health

Healthy food should taste good! Our commercial kitchen transforms food to create delicious meals while also extending the shelf life of fresh produce like avocados, bananas, and tomatoes.  We make it easy to eat well and improve health through nutrition.

Save the Planet

Reducing food waste is the third most impactful way to reduce Global Warming. Your donation increases the amount of food we can collect, cook, distribute, and keep out of the trash.

Yes! I want to elevate the health of people and the planet.

Thank You to our Amazing Supporters!