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Please join us in welcoming Maggy Keet as our Individual Giving and Events Officer! 

Please join us in officially welcoming our newest team member, Maggy Keet our Individual Giving and Events Officer! Maggy learned about Second Chance Foods while teaching plant-based cooking classes at Hilltop Hanover Farm last summer. One of the participants mentioned that she had just cooked off dozens of pounds of ground turkey earlier in the week at her volunteering job. Intrigued, Maggy asked more and, later that afternoon, looked us up! Not only did our mission resonate with her, but there was a job posting that matched her skills, and we’re so glad she applied and joined our team. Maggy has spent the last fifteen years managing a project in sub-Saharan Africa, starting a successful food business, developing inspired fundraising, creating powerful communications, and most recently inspiring people to take climate action.

One of Maggy’s most satisfying projects was the one she managed in Africa. “It felt impossible most days – endless setbacks, supply shortages, monsoons, red tape. But together we kept pushing, working, adapting and we completed our project on time and on budget. It was a very proud moment for all of us and taught me very early that literally nothing is impossible when a community comes together around a shared dream.”

Maggy is a mom, climate activist, and the founder of Planetarian Life, a non-judgemental platform that teaches people how to align their lifestyles with their hopes for the Earth, primarily through food. Whether you’re looking to eat less meat and/or dairy for the planet, for your health, or for the sake of animals, she’ll help you learn how to shift your way of eating to a more plant-based one. She is an avid hiker, a passionate composter, and an advocate for low-waste living. Maggy recently transplanted from New York City to Westchester, NY where she lives with her husband, Andy, and their two kids Dash and Nova.

"If there is one thing I know for certain it's that good things happen when people gather in a kitchen - stories are shared, connections are made, humble ingredients are transformed into incredible meals. The Second Chance Foods kitchen is no different! I loved seeing the friendship, laughter, and comradery between volunteers. I immediately recognized that this kitchen vibe was one of the organization's greatest assets." - Maggy

More About Maggy

The United States wastes a staggering 120 billion pounds of food annually. From farms to fridges, our food system is broken resulting in food insecurity and climate change. While I do what I can at home to reduce waste and compost our food scraps, it’s deeply fulfilling to use my gifts and skills to support an organization addressing these intersecting issues in such an innovative and impactful way.

I’m a mom, climate activist, mission-driven fundraiser, and the founder of PlanetarianLife.com, a non-judgemental platform that teaches people how to align their lifestyles with their hopes for the Earth. I recently transplanted from New York City to Westchester where I live with my husband, Andy, and our two kids Dash (9) and Nova (4).

To me there’s nothing more satisfying than a buttered and salted ear of freshly picked corn on the cob.

How to cook delicious plant-rich meals, the best hiking spots in the area, and for tips on hosting a party people will remember.


"My philosophy is simple: make it memorable, make it extraordinary, make it enjoyable. I find that 'fun' brings sustained energy and enthusiasm to shared work." - Maggy

From All of Us at Second Chance Foods, Welcome to the team, Maggy!

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