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Thank You Westchester Road Runner

For building a vibrant community through running, races, and connection.

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About Westchester Road Runner

Going on 44 years, the Westchester Road Runner, in White Plains, NY, has been a mainstay for running shoes, apparel, and accessories – with more selection than anyone else in the area. They are proud to supply the community with the gear needed to get active – but are even more honored that their customers trust them because they take their time to provide individualized advice and expert service. Doctors or podiatrists often refer customers, and everyone who works at the store is a passionate runner, cyclist, or triathlete – so you know you can trust them!

When they were founded in 1980, owner Andy Kimerling wasn’t sure what to expect. “What’s a running store?” he thought when a friend who coached a running club suggested they venture into the business together. Retail stores focused on running shoes and accessories were not common, especially not in White Plains. But, Andy had a long history of working in corporate finance jobs, and saw the potential for it filling a niche market. At its founding, he assumed the store would only be a part of his life one night a week, checking books and helping where he could. However, one night a week soon grew to include weekends, eventually leading to Andy leaving the corporate world to be his own boss. The hardest part of the shift was Andy adjusting to the new dress code and leaving his suit and tie behind for the comfortable clothes of a runner while at work.

"Take Care of Those Who Take Care of You"

But despite leaving the corporate world behind, Andy brought insight from observing multiple management styles and, most importantly, the type of leader he wanted to be for the store and the community. Andy’s motto is “take care of those who take care of you” – a sentiment seen in the impressively low staff turnover, with many staff working 10, 15, or even 20 years. Even during the pandemic, when the store was shut down for around six weeks, all their employees returned so the store could continue to serve its customers, many venturing outside for the first time due to pandemic restrictions.


Beyond creating a strong store culture that supports employees, the Westchester Roadrunner has organized countless races over the years to build a passionate running community. One year, they hosted 20 races – some are still going strong today. They provided shuttles to the New York Marathon and half Marathon every year, always working to support an engaged community of runners. They also organized the first triathlon in Westchester in 1983 and ran it for 20 years until Andy passed the torch.  


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Community Focused, Family Operated

Westchester Road Runner also works with the Westchester Jewish Community Services, helping people with different needs and abilities learn job skills. They have now trained interns with developmental disabilities for the past seven years and invited intern Andrew Brooks to join their small staff of seven as a permanent employee in 2023. Read more about Andrew’s story working at Westchester Road Runner here!  

It is clear that Andy can’t help but contribute and get involved wherever possible and is happiest when giving back. He served on the board of directors for the NY Runner’s Club from 1980 – 2005, including a period as treasurer, leads a running club in the Bronx (one of the oldest clubs still around), and is the President of VanCortland Cooperative Federal Credit Union. It’s no wonder Andy was on board with Lesli and Robin making the extra effort to give back to the Roaring Brook Community through the 5k. 

Westchester Road Runner has always been a family affair, with Andy and Lesli always bringing their two sons to races through the years and both boys working at the store at one time. Their younger son, Adam is now a buyer for the Westchester Road Runner, while their older son, Joshua works as a clothing designer. You can connect with the Westchester Road Runner on their Facebook Page or visit them in person at 179 East Post Road, White Plains, NY.

Westchester Road Runner and the Roaring Brook 5k

In 2022 and 2023, owner Andy Kimerling, his wife Lesli, and their friends Robin Sullivan wanted to host a 5k in the Roaring Brook community and use the proceeds to support a local charity. We’re so lucky that Robin’s stepdaughter shared our work with the team! After visiting the kitchen and witnessing our operations, they selected Second Chance Foods as the beneficiary. The funds they raised and donated helped advance our work for the last two years! We were also thrilled to have so many of our board, staff, and volunteers participate (and place) in this fun opportunity to share our work with a new audience. 

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Thank you Andy, Lesli, Robin, and everyone at the Westchester Road Runner
for your commitment to our community and support of Second Chance Foods!

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