Bountiful Meals for Seniors

Working Together to Feed Seniors in Need

Filling the gap in hunger relief through community partnerships!

No one should worry about where their next meal is coming from or struggle to feed themselves. But unfortunately, many seniors experience food insecurity and need assistance because of barriers like transportation, mobility, and the struggle of asking for help. Seniors are particularly at-risk of becoming food insecure because their fixed incomes can make it difficult to afford the rising costs of living essentials. While the senior centers provide lunch during the week, many seniors struggle on weekends or at dinner. To address this critical community need and support seniors during the off hours, the Cornell Cooperative Extension launched a six-month pilot program, Bountiful Meals, that offers free meals to seniors. And you may already have guessed it, but Second Chance Foods is honored to partner with this program by cooking the meals and making it easy for seniors to eat healthily!

Local Produce with Local Impact

Using produce from local farms grown for Bountiful Meals  (along with our regularly donated groceries), our volunteers will cook over 2,000 meals exclusively for seniors. These meals will be stocked in special freezers at the county senior centers (currently Cold Spring and Putnam Valley and moving to Mahopac and Carmel in the new year). Seniors are invited to take these meals as needed and are already loving them! Many have already noted how much they loved the roasted tomato soup and left praising feedback like “pesto=fabulous.” 


Each freezer is stocked with about 100 meals (every other week) and, so far, is empty within a few days! As with all of our programs, the dinners made for Bountiful Meals are cooked with seniors in mind. We ensure our meals are nutritionally complete, easy to eat, and dishes we know they’ll love, like Spinach Mushroom Quiche, Roasted Chicken with Mustard Glazed Cabbage, Chicken Soup, Pumpkin Lasagna, and so much more!

Help Us Feed More Seniors This Holiday!

Our ability to remain flexible and respond to opportunities like Bountiful Meals is because of your ongoing generosity. Your gift will ensure more tomatoes are roasted, more garlic and greens are pureed into pesto, more apples are cooked into nourishing applesauce, and, most importantly, more community members are nourished. 

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Looking for food?

Though we wish we could nourish everyone in need, Second Chance Foods does not directly distribute meals or groceries to individuals at this time. We utilize existing programs in the community and supplement their food with our meals and groceries. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please refer to our resource page here for our partnerships and local options.

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*please note we do not keep "hours" at the kitchen at this time. If you are looking to donate food please contact or call 845-723-1302


General Questions please contact Associate Director Stephanie Purcell 845-723-1311

Volunteer Questions contact Volunteer Coordinator Heather Marinelli 845-723-1309

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